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The Oxford Experience
by Andrea Gross and Irv Green "Congratulations,” my tutor says. “You’re an Oxford graduate.” A “faux grad” is more like it, but I do have a certificate verifying my attendance at one of the world’s oldest universities, whose alumni include kings, saints - and now, me. Click here to continue.
Seniors Reading

-  Saint Alphonsus Festival of Trees (Delisio)
-  James Drury, The Virginian (Thomas)
-  The Limitations of Thank You (Kituku)
-  Revocable Living Trusts (Strawhun)
-  Winter Whale Watching (LC Visitors & Conv Bureau)
-  Betty Pierce Gives Comfort at Affinity (Hostvedt)
-  Explore Your World: Oceania Cruise Ships
-  Welcyon, Fitness After 50

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